Bring water to your garden with a Solar Fountain!

Let your yard look amusingly decorated by a solar water pump! Your garden would definitely catch all the attention of the passers-by! The AISITIN SOLAR FOUNTAIN PUMP is upgraded with a 5.5 W solar panel that allows the water pump to work continuously, even when the sunlight is weak.

Get your solar fountain pump on Amazon here:

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What you need to know about this product? (info available on Amazon)

  • The power of solar panel: 10V 5.5W

  • The power of the pump: 9V 2.5W

  • Solar panel size: 6.89 * 10.83 inch

  • Maximum water spray height: 39.37 inch

  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 7.4V 1500mAh

  • Cable length : about 9.8 ft (3m)

  • The fountain life time: ≥10000 hours

What PROS are customers mentioning? (non exhaustive)

  • “The sound of bubbling water and the sight of sunlight sparkling on the water makes a transformative difference in our garden area. I am very happy with this product!

  • “Love this little fountain. It’s so great to have water sound in my garden to get the relaxing. Works very well!”

  • “Great little fountain. Using it in a big terracotta pot”

And what about the cons and issues? (non exhaustive)

  • "I suspect this fountain would work great if it had full sunlight to keep the battery charged"

  • "I suggested that they offer a cable extension which would enable folks like me to relocate the solar cell to an area with more direct sunlight"

  • "There isn’t a on or off button for the pump. So you’ll want to install the pump first before connecting it to the solar panel"

The AISITIN SOLAR FOUNTAIN PUMP has more than one hundred of positive reviews and an good average rating on Amazon.

Get your solar fountain pump on Amazon!

#solar #pump #fountain #outdoor #garden #home

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