How much electricity can my roof produce?

Project Sunroof is a very cool project from Google that helps you calculate how much energy costs you can save using solar. In the website ( you just need to enter your street address or even find in on maps. Then Google computes how much sunlight hits your roof in a year, combines that information with other databases and creates a personalized roof analysis.

How does Project Sunroof works?

In three simple steps what google does is:

Step 1 – Search for your home and creates a personalized solar plan

  • Google's database of imagery and maps

  • 3D modeling of your roof

  • Check all possible sun positions over the course of a year

  • Check historical cloud and temperature patterns that might affect solar energy production

Some assumptions of the model are:

  • Only arrays on buildings are considered, not other spaces such as parking lots or fields.

  • Every included roof has a total potential installation size of at least 2kW.

  • Only areas of the roof with enough space to install 4 adjacent solar panels are included.

  • Obstacles like chimneys are taken into account.

  • Knowledge about building shapes is calculated using a machine learning algorithm using data from Google maps and overhead imagery.

Check out an example of the estimated rooftop solar potential of Oklahoma City HERE!

Step 2 – It helps you personalize your solar analysis integrating your electric bill to fine-tune your savings estimate and the recommended number of solar panels for your home.

Step 3 – Compares finance options (loan vs lease vs purchase)

We all know that solar panels can help homeowners reduce their energy costs and, nowadays, with pay-backs below 10 years. One thing I discovered exploring Project Sunroof is that there are a lot of home buyers willing to pay a premium for a home with a solar installation.

Illustrative Image | Photo by 272447 from Pixabay

But before installing solar panels usually people raise several questions like: What makes a roof good for solar? What if my roof is really old? What if I have to move after a few years? What if I own a multifamily home? You will find these answers and much more on the website.

Want to know more about solar energy and solar products? Visit our website HERE.

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