These solar lights look really fancy in my yard!

These solar lights are particularly suitable for outdoor areas such as garden, balcony and terrace. During the day the sun will automatically charge the device. After full charge (about 8 hours in the sun) the lamp glows in the atmosphere for 6-8 hours. Waterproof and weatherproof!

Get your Solar Lights on Amazon here:

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What you need to know about this product? (info available on Amazon)

  • LED Quantity: 8 LEDs

  • Battery: rechargeable AA 1.2V NI-MH 40mah (pre-installed). It is located inside the sphere and is protected from wind and weather thanks to the IP44 protection class.

  • Product Dimension: W 8.1 x D 4.9 x H 16.9 inches

  • Lumens Output: 2 lumens

  • Run Time: 8 hours ( after fully charged)

Illustrative Image | Photo by Drahnreb from Pixabay

What PROS are customers mentioning? (non exhaustive)

  • “These lights are made to add night time beauty to your Landscape. They put off the perfect soft glow and white light. We used then around the lake in our backyard

  • “I placed it in my flower beds to add an extra glow and beautify my surroundings”

  • “They look really nice and have good brightness. I am happy with the purchase”

  • “Good thing is it is solar powered so don’t have to worry about running wires through the front yard”

And what about the CONS? (non exhaustive)

  • "They aren't super bright but give a nice amount of light in the rooms that I've placed them in so far"

  • "Don’t push too hard since the pieces are plastic"

With an excellent average rating (above 4.0) on Amazon these solar globe lamps are very cool.

Add a charming and decorative glow to your pathways or yard! Get your Solar Lights on Amazon!

#solar #light #outdoor #garden #patio #deck #home #solarlight #solaroutdoor

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