Use solar energy to take a bath!

This solar shower bag help you solve the showering problem when camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing. You can also use it for multiple purposes like: wash your face, your hands and your feet after picnicplace in the garden, give the dog a shower or watering the flowers; rinse kids, boat, surfboard after beach playing.

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What you need to know about this product? (info available on Amazon)

This useful bag can carry up to 5 gallons water for showering outdoor, let you enjoy a nice and refreshing shower anywhere.

  • Material: PVC

  • Capacity: 5 gallon / 20L

  • Package weight:1.10 lbs

  • Color: Army Green

1 Package includes: 1 x Shower Bag; 1 x Mesh Carrying Bag; 1 x Shower Hose with Nozzle

Illustrative Image | Photo by Abdul Momin from Pixabay

What PROS are customers mentioning? (non exhaustive)

  • "This shower is amazing ! Works awesome. We have it outside our camper for quick rinses and hand washing. Water heats up quite fast too! Must have!"

  • "While the days were hot and sunny, we were impressed on how warm the water got after just a few hours in the bag"

  • "I used solar bag to help kids washing their hands whenever they needed with worm water. It is loved by kids and mom"

And what about the CONS? (non exhaustive)

  • "Capacity closer to 4 gallons rather than 5 gallons advertised"

  • "Will require a hose clamp or maybe a zip tie to keep hose from coming off and losing water"

This solar bag has more than one hundred of positive reviews and an excellent average rating (above 4.0) on Amazon!

Get your solar shower bag on Amazon!


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